Map Failed To Process

I keep getting failures in structures mode and it is really getting annoying. Looks like its going to be another late night scrambling to get this done for my client for their OAC meeting in the morning… This has been happening to me almost every time I use structures mode FOR STRUCTURES!!


I’d be interested to know also. I’ve had that fail notification once or twice when like you, both Structures maps were being used for buildings. The higher level of detail was needed to assess the impact on nearby trees with the houses. Ran the process again in Terrain, which worked, but not really what I wanted.

Did you already go through chat and/or email support? You’ll probably get a prompter response.

I’m in the process of it. James, are you using GCP’s?

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My last one that failed was Structure with GCP. I typically don’t do that so it’s possible it could have happened in the past. Have you been using GCP’s with Structure mode long?

I wasn’t using GCPs Sam. No. Just the images without any further input.

I have also been having a strange issue where the system is recognizing my images after upload in the wrong manner. Nadir images are defaulting to structure mode and the one that failed that I put on structure mode with obliques was recognized as terrain.