M2EA Thermal 3D Mapping?

Hello, is there currently support from DroneDeploy for waypoints, capture and processing of the thermal imagery from the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced into 3D maps?


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Hi Greg,

Thanks for chatting into the forum. We do not support this model for flight at this time.
However, we do support the processing of the images captured on this drone including 3D and thermal imagery. You’ll just need to use another flight app to capture the data.

You can see a full list of supported drones for flight on our website:
Recommended and Supported Drones
We are always working toward expanding our fleet, and hope to provide support for this drone in the future.

Thanks Lindsey, to confirm, DroneDeploy will render a photogrammetry texture model from thermal imagery captured with M2EA?

Thank you,

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