Device not compatible with latest app


Can anyone help with the specs for the latest android app, have tried to download on our devices but both say incompatible
so are unable to proceed, just brought a new tablet which is android ver 6.0 but get the same message, we have previously used the software without any problem on the two older tablets.


Hi @afat,

Can you share which Android devices you are trying to use? For your reference, here is our official list of Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet). Please note that if your device is not listed on this page, there is no guarantee that your device will or should work without issue with DroneDeploy as we are unable or do not test on unlisted devices.



Hi Christina the two older tablets which are approx 1 year old which are Archos 80C have worked with the drone deploy app in the past without problems, have tried to re-install the app but no joy, the new tablet which looks exactly the same model but is a DJC Touchtab 6 which is android 6.0 also wont load the app…


Hi @afat,

It looks like those models aren’t officially supported by us. Since they’re not officially supported I cannot guarantee a solution or that DroneDeploy will work without issue even if it has worked without issue before. Since we do not routinely test on devices that aren’t listed on our Supported Devices page, there is little we can do to pinpoint the issue.

If you have an issue with a supported device, please let me know and I’ll be happy to look into it.



Ok thanks for you advise, looks like i will have to find another app which i a shame because we have enjoyed using drone deploy, maybe this needs to be looked at in the future so it is compatible across the android range as most apps are…


Hi, I wanted to download the newest version of your APP to discover that the device, where I have been using dronedeploy for more than a year now is suddenly incompatible. Is there a way to install the previous version which still was compatible with my phone (a Lenovo S1La40).

What can I do, as I will not be able to buy another smartphone just to have your app running.

Best regards