Android Pie


Hi DroneDeploy Community,

Android Pie is not compatible with the DJI SDK at this time, which means it is not currently supported by DroneDeploy. Please do not upgrade to Android Pie just yet if you wish to continue using DroneDeploy.

Thank you for your patience!

Christina and the DroneDeploy Team



Hi Christina,

We just purchased a Panasonic toughpad FZ-B2 Android 6.0.1. We are moving to this platform because of the Ipad overheating issues.

I understand you don’t support all Android devices, but shouldn’t I be able to install DD on android 6.0.1? I am seeing that my device is not compatible.

Is there anyway you can help? We are part of the research staff at the university of florida and we would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you



Hi @AgriBugs,

Thanks for swinging by our community. If your device is not listed on our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) page, we cannot guarantee that DroneDeploy will and should work as intended without issues. I know we don’t have your device in our office so we are unable to adequately test our software on it.




When will it be compatible?


Same here. Everything seems to work except when I load a big map. Seems like a memory issue.