Default Drone Option for Mission Planning

I often plan multiple mapping missions at a time while on the DroneDeploy site. As you know, when planning standard mapping missions, a drone is automatically selected as the default drone. I am not sure if it is the same drone for everybody but for me, it is the Mavic 2 Pro. I recently upgraded my mapping drone to the Mavic 3 Enterprise which has considerably lower flight times compared to the Mavic 2 Pro. I realize I can go in and switch the drone for each planning mission and the flight time estimates will adjust accordingly. What I would like to request from the DroneDeploy development team is the ability to set a default drone so I do not have to repeat this step for every mission that I am planning for as I sometimes plan dozens of missions at a time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

-Matt N


This has been requested for a while. Not sure what the holdup is. You probably know this but when you connect the drone it re-optimizes and changes the flight plan. Sometimes it’s ok but beware and always give the final flight line a once-over before commencing.

This has been bothering me as well. Often I will plan a mission on desktop for the M3E but when I get out into the field the App reverts back to Mavic 2 Pro but wont let me change the planning camera. I can tell this has happened because my flight durations are vastly different.

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Yes. I second this feature request. Maybe it can be implemented in relation to a default drone for the pilot.


You guys have the drone default to a drone I neither own nor will every fly. During a recent mapping mission planning sequence, I had 6-7 separate missions. To figure times and so forth I had to constantly keep putting it to Mavic 3 Enterprise. When I am looking at the default times it is quite different. CAN YOU PLEASE ALLOW US TO PICK A DEFAULT DRONE THAT WILL FOLLOW US IN ALL OUR MISSIONS. Obviously allow us to change it if we want, but at least allow us to pick the drone we fly the MOST SO THAT IT ALWAYS DEFAULTS TO WHAT WE ARE FLYING AND NOT HAVE TO GO BACK AND CONSTANTLY CHANGE IT BACK?

Thank you.


There should be a way to default to your specific Drone in the mission setting instead of having to change from Mavic 2 Pro all the time.


Seems like this request is way overdue. Either tell the users of dronedeploy, that this feature is not going to be implimented, for what ever reason or try and get this feature added as soon as possible

The current default drone, (DJI Mavic 2 Pro), is out of productions now.