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What is the difference between DD Roof Reports and EZ Roof?


Hi @Gordon_Koll,

I’d encourage you to try both. DroneDeploy’s Roof Report are fairly comprehensive and include DXF files plus PDF reports. I’m not an expert on EZ Roof but they do offer a one-time 50% discount if it’s your first time using it. DroneDeploy’s Roof Report is free for the first one. Hopefully someone who has used both can chime in and give deeper insights.



Hi Christina

Thanks for the reply, I’m just waiting for delivery of my P4P+ to get started, it will be an added service to my Home Inspection business. Do I need to upgrade my account, I’m on the Explorer right now with intentions to upgrade once I get a bit more experience.



Hi @Gordon_Koll,

Please note that we currently do not officially support the Phantom 4 Pro+ model, so there is no guarantee that your setup will or should work without issue. For your reference, our Supported Drones page lists drones we currently support.

To use Roof Report, the first one will be free but after that you will need to upgrade your plan to a paid subscription to continue using Roof Report. Each Roof Report after your first one will be $35. I suggest taking a look at Introducing Roof Report from DroneDeploy for some basic info and best practices to start off. :slight_smile:



OhOh, that’s not good, I gather it’s because of the Integrated Screen, that’s too bad, I will see if I can change my order.

UPDATE: 4/05/18 Was able to change my order for a P4P Obsidian, dodged that bullet!!


Hi, in the Roof Report is there a way to enlarge the numbers for the edge measurements on the printed figures sheet so I don’t need a magnifier to read them? Thanks.


Hi, I pay monthly for the Pro plan why don’t I have access to Chat Support?


Hi @AerialDrone360,

Are you getting an error when you try to access Chat support? What exactly are you seeing?

Keep me posted,


Hi, it’s telling me I need to Upgrade for Chat Support


Didn’t see a response to this question.


Hi, in the Roof Report is there a way to enlarge the numbers for the edge measurements on the printed figures sheet so I don’t need a magnifier to read them? Thanks.


Hi @AerialDrone360,

Thanks for reaching out on our Forum! You can always launch chat support by navigating to the Support icon at the top of your dashboard:

I see you already chatted in with Andrea today regarding the Roof Report. She has passed along your feedback to the app developer for future consideration. Please let us know if we can help with anything else moving forward.



Hi @Gordon_Koll,
We encourage customers to compare EZRoof™ to any other product, here is a sample. Our customers say these reports are the most accurate, complete, and informative available. Feel free to contact support@ez3d.io before submitting an order if you’d like DXF or other industry standard output in addition to the standard PDF. We can deliver bespoke products suitable for roofing, insurance, solar, and inspection use cases and have flexible pricing options based on the number of roof facets rather than area. Expect more from us soon regarding new data products and pricing.


Marty, I’m guessing you’re not a DD employee. And from the sound of it, you are connected to EZRoof, since you say “our customers.”

So…did you really just push another company’s product here in the DD forum?? You’re still here, so all I can guess is the DD people are much nicer than I am. Either way, wow… I am amazed at your complete lack of etiquette.


Hi Marc,
Sorry for not clarifying my role, I’m CTO of EZ3D Technologies, we are Drone Deploy’s initial and ongoing partner for roof measurement products in the App Market. As Christina from DroneDeploy pointed out, our companies encourage comparisons of Apps. We wanted to respond to the question and describe what some customers see as differences between our products and provide an example for members to help decide for themselves what would be preferable for their clients. The EZRoof App works with DroneDeploy’s mobile app and benefits from the Precision 3D House planning mode. Feel free to give both EZRoof and Roof Report a try to offer customers an improved capability with drones compared to conventional aerial archives.


Hi @TXWhirlyBird,

You’ll come to find that a number of our partners from our App Market are members of this community to share their product and encourage users to try things out. Occasionally they will even offer beta testing and this is something we don’t have an issue with.

It’s one thing if someone comes into this space clearly to spam, but our App Market partners are our friends and they work with us as much as we work with them. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps clarify things a bit.



My apologies. I guess I had my Facebook Admin hat on at the time. If you guys are okay with it…that’s all that matters.


No worries at all @TXWhirlyBird. I appreciate you being on the lookout for the wellbeing of our community!


I hope I didn’t cause up this stir, as a Home Inspector I see a lot of opportunities to offer Roof Reports as an add on service, thanks to Christina she got me in the right direction on my P4P (not the +) I’m just waiting on delivery so I can get going, as suggested I will try both, they are both amazing programs. It’s nice to have options, I will be upgrading my DD account once I’m ready, it would be good on DD part if you could purchase bulk reports at a discount, like 10 at a time. Just a thought. Your strong USD hits us Canadians in the pocketbook.

Thanks for your help, I’m sure I will need help once I’m up and flying.


Hi @Gordon_Koll,

Can’t wait to hear about your experiences once your setup is up and ready! We’ll be here to assist you if you run into any problems.