Counting Solar panels


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I’m very new to the idea of writing apps and have no idea how/where to start, but I currently work on a Solar farm installing over 1.5 million solar panels, My idea is to run the drone over areas and ahve the drone report how many panels are fitted. I have been looking at using the Get images code, and really have no idea how to start, any help will be apreciated.


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We have a new “count” annotation feature on the way that could help you with this. I can’t find your account in DroneDeploy to turn this on for you though - can you point me in the right direction/ link to a map?

In our experience so far on solar farms human counting from drone imagery can be very fast with the right tools. We are developing machine learning based automated counting with a couple of our enterprise customers, so I recommend you contact our sales team if you’d like to discuss those capabilities in detail with them/me.

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My account is,

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There is a service for automatic counting objects: Episenses Objects Counting, you can see how it works with pumpkins, which are much harder to detect than solar pannels: Pumpkins counting


The area we reqiure counting would be over 660 hectares and would be longer then 30mins per run, The solar panels aswell on this site are black as per attachment. each of these rows have 240 panels.