Counting Solar panels


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I’m very new to the idea of writing apps and have no idea how/where to start, but I currently work on a Solar farm installing over 1.5 million solar panels, My idea is to run the drone over areas and ahve the drone report how many panels are fitted. I have been looking at using the Get images code, and really have no idea how to start, any help will be apreciated.


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We have a new “count” annotation feature on the way that could help you with this. I can’t find your account in DroneDeploy to turn this on for you though - can you point me in the right direction/ link to a map?

In our experience so far on solar farms human counting from drone imagery can be very fast with the right tools. We are developing machine learning based automated counting with a couple of our enterprise customers, so I recommend you contact our sales team if you’d like to discuss those capabilities in detail with them/me.

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My account is,

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