Automatic PV supervision from thermographic pictures

Hi everyone,

First time here, I’m glad I found this place to learn and discuss about all things related to drones.

My name is Javier and I’m a solar energy researcher. I’m working with a colleague on an automatic photovoltaic solar inspection system from thermographic pictures based on artificial intelligence. So basically, pictures are uploaded, analyzed and failures are detected and presented in a report.

We are working on this because we think it is an interesting project but I would like to have some feedback to know if this is useful or if we are wasting our time, also if you have any advice about useful features I would really appreciate it.

We are currently working on the following features:

  • Create new projects.

  • Add images to the project.

  • Analyze images in the cloud to detect failures applying artificial intelligence. Images could be manually edited if needed.

  • Generate a global facility picture applying photogrammetry from single images to show the whole solar facility and point out the solar panels with issues.

  • Generate a report that can be customized (template, client data, etc).

This is our website: We will be launching a beta version hopefully this year, follow our twitter account,, if you want to be informed about any update and get access to the beta version.

Any feedback would be really helpful, thanks!

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