Counting Abalone in rectangular tanks


I want to be able to fly over my abalone farm which grows abalone in shallow rectangular tanks and be able to analyse the image to count the number of abalone which are circular objects of various size grades. I see a lot re counting crops. Can someone put me on the track of an app developer who could help me ?


Have you tried flying over them and processing a map with our software?
Can you see through the water to see the distinct objects? Glare could be an issue depending on the sun.
If you can do that you may be able to use this app in our App Market. Tensor Flight.


Dear Gary,

I will give it a go. You can see some pictures of the tanks at The water is shallow and shaded from the sun by a shadecloth roof. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi just curious if you gave Tensor Flight at try and if so how it worked for you in counting abalone? I was just looking at Tensor myself for counting plants and it seems like it could work well. Thanks


I got busy but definitely want to try this. When I do I will let you know.


There is a solution to count objects from videos and stacks of photos using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, see examples: and YouTube video of counting pumpkins on the field that is similar to this problem: Automatic counter


Google “PicTerra”
PicTerra is an AI applications firm in Europe; and I’m quite certain that, with good photos, they can help you.