Qs: Stand Counts in Commercial Flower production

Hi. I’m attempting to fly some fields for a client who requested stand counts of his peony plants. [FYI: Peonies are a herbaceous perennial that grow from a ‘root’. Propogation here comes from digging of roots after a number of years and dividing the cluster and replanting.]

Ultimately, we’d like to be able to count the number of buds on each plant in order to estimate yield but also loss to frost in the spring. Also, time-series photos over years would show stand improvement/decline.

I’m not sure how high I’d need to fly to utilize DD’s Stand Count feature (never tried it yet, just heard about it). I’ve not used ANY stand count tools to this point so I’m interested in hearing from you who I should try out, especially if there’s a free trial to see if this works.

I use a Mavic 2 Pro with stock camera at this point. (I’d like to get a Senterra multi-spec camera at some point soon).

I’ve flown one patch a few times to try out different heights. 300, 150, and 50. I’m hoping 300 will catch the stand count. But I think 50 would be needed to see buds.

300 feet.

150 feet.

50 feet.


Hi hawkman,

Those images look great at 300ft-150ft for stand count. Counting the number of buds would require much more work.
If you would like to send me an email at: rossd@aerotractone.com
I can go over some of my experiences in more and show you what we have done.

Safe flying,

Thanks, @Ross. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. It’s a busy season for us and I was having plenty of other issues with DD app, etc. I’ll try to get up with you when I get a chance.


No worries! Been busy here as well. Have you been seeing issues with DD stitching field orthos lately?