Bug on version 3.17.0

Hi all,
I have been using and loving DroneDeploy for the last 16 months, with a few bugs here and there, but most of the time working fine.
this last update from October 18th (version 3.17.0) made this tool unusable as it has been crashing with in less than 5 minutes of been open.
I’m running the app on a Samsung Note 10+, a device that is definitely capable of handling the features the app need.
I have recently lost 3 days of work + expenses for a job that couldn’t be done due to these crashes.
Has anyone seen this as well?
DroneDeploy, any plan estimate time to get this fixed?

This has been reported and most commonly on Android. Please search the forum before posting a new thread. Also, this area is meant for the integrated apps in the App Market. Please help the effort and contact support@dronedeploy.com and be prepared to provide all device/OS versioning and logs.

Another report. @Erika_Houseman @Adam_Carp @Kaitlin

Same 3.17.0 experience. Crashes on Tab S4 while examining and not connected to drone.

May be in wrong Forum area or duplicate thread, but was the only Google hit newer than 2017 on DD app crashes… searched for “dronedeploy 3.17.0 crash”.
I personally found it beneficial, answered the question if DD 3.17.0 issue.


Same issue here running the latest DD version (and iOS) on an iPad Mini, although not to the extremes being reported on the Android app. Several times during the course of mapping the app would stop working mid-flight, but would resume and continue normally when the app was restarted. No photos were lost, but it was certainly an inconvenience.

I had an incident on my 2017 9.7 iPad (which is usually flawless) where the drone stalled for about 3-5 seconds at one waypoint coming out of a turn about 3/4 of the way through a mission (25% into the 2nd battery), but then finished the mission properly.

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