Accuracy Report

I am leary of the results I am seeing in the Accuracy Report. I have routinely be getting sub-inch RMSE’s on my GCP’s, but as of the last 3 or so months this is what my reports have been looking like. I don’t trust zeroes… Especially when you are carrying them to 4 places.


Can you please email us at or chat us on the app with the flight ID or map name?

It’s happening on all of my gcp missions now so you can take your pick.

Hey Michael,

Curious if this is a standard drone or the RTK model that you’ve been working with?

Also, did you include Checkpoints in the processing file or independently verify them (like checking the orthodphoto download against AutoCAD file)? I’m with you, that looks way to precise to me.


Thank you, Michael! I’ll grab a couple and let our engineers know. I’ll follow up here.

This is from the regular P4P. While I didn’t upload checkpoints with the GCP file, I do have them in CAD with the ortho in the background and they are closer than what resolution will allow me to zoom in. I have had sub-quarter inch results for a long time, but it is either a multiplier or the wrong scale and the rounding is getting thrown off.

Just for comparison, this is what I got on a 200 acre site flown at 300’ agl with stock P4P. We located x,y,and z on 12 GCP’s and 5 CP’s All points were located independently with no grid adjustments or a separate level loop performed as this was just for use in estimating earthwork and evaluation of progress on a big earthwork site.

Capture%201 Capture2

That’s what it’s supposed to look like. Sub-inch is the sweet spot. Not sure what’s up with mine. I think I might need to check my export coordinates for rounding.

We’ve fixed the issue - I used your two 12/28 maps as the example. Your maps will need to be reprocessed for updated reports, however, so please let us know if we can do anything for you on that front. The 12/28 reports are both fixed now.

Got it and will do. Thank you!