Volumes and accuracy without GCP

Can anyone speak to the accuracy of volumes and even areas if we do not enter GCP points and if there are no referenced measurements put into the program. (Used pix 4d before and had to input GCP and measurements of ground targets to get more accurate results.)

Would love to use the program but enterprise pricing is a bit up there for the amount we do yet.

hi @droneshopcanada - thanks for reaching out. Understanding accuracy can be a bit confusing. We have an initial guide here

but please feel free to reach out to support@dronedeploy.com if you have questions about a particular map.


I’m on the Pro plan so only have an export resolution of 5cm Max. The client did a volume tic comparison against Drone Deploy and a Total Station. There was about a 1% difference if that. The guy said even a Total Station was never 100% accurate. So he was amazed. So the accuracy is extremely high. And can only be improved upon on the Premier plan by using GCP which I’m going to try and test next with them. The measurement was 8,300 or so cubic meters.

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thats a great link, I am trying to debunk the myths around what an accurate map is… If you like join the discussion here.


The short of it is if you want accuracy that is proven you need ground control unless you have accurate onboard geo-referencing.

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Hi. I mesure som line. When i fly at 30 meters the line was 42 meters in map. When i fly 70 meters, the line was 45meters long! It was not good… the right was 43.5 meters…

Can you provide links to the two maps so we can check what you’re seeing?

Hi there, we can help you understand how GCP’s work and why they are needed… feel free to email or ask.

You mentioned that there was about a 1% difference. Was that collected using GCPs or a run of the mill mission?

I’ve had hundreds of inventory flights come back with well under 1% variable. I don’t use gcps bit I do put out my own markers and measure some basic elevations off a con mon to verify the consistency of the map

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Great to hear you are getting such good results- nice work :slight_smile: