1 Large Aerial Photo of a Golf Course

Hi Guys

A golf course I have completed a lot of work for has asked for an aerial photo of their whole course showing boundaries etc

They want 1 very large (A1 or bigger) photo

Flying up to 400ft looking directly down (birds eye view) only gets a few holes is and not the whole course

Can I use Drone Deploy to map out the whole course and then stitch the photos into 1 photo and have that printed out at a printing company?


The idea is to capture many pictures above the golf course and “stitch” them together to create one big image. Its called photogrammetry.

  1. Create the flight in DD, making sure you cover all parts of the golf course you want in the map

  2. Fly the map

  3. Bring the drone back to you when the battery gets low, swap, and continue the mission

  4. Once the flight is finished you will have a full map of the course (after processing), and you can take that file to any printing business that has a large printer for your need

-Plan the mission 30ft above the highest tree. This way your map is much more detailed and clear.
-If you never used DD before practice on smaller areas first that only burn half a battery, like your house. Battery swap mid mission is a little more advanced

Hi Joey thanks for the reply

I have used DD once as a test for a 3D model of a building which was good but not tried getting a photo of a large area.

So with step 4 does DD software/app stitch all the photos taken into 1 photo that I can give to a printing company?

For example I would imagine it would take 100+ photos and I’ll need them stitched together to make 1 photo


Yes, DD is one of many photogrammetry softwares that will take your 100+ photos and merge them all into one big one. The photos will be on your sd card in the drone so just pop that out and import them to your software program for stitching

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Here is the much more detailed step-by-step : https://blog.dronedeploy.com/how-to-map-large-areas-6a27d325751#.rdblra6vl