Using map data from DD in court

Hi folks,

I am very impressed with the qulty of the maps with 80% overlay in the source data. I am using the data to track subsidance.

We have found on some maps taken of the same place a few months apart that the elevation has changed considerablly, to the point where the slope has changed direction entirely on one of them.

Visually I can see the changes that are represented on some of the maps (we are covering a few square miles) though others are a struggle to see the same thing from the real life situation. I know the accuracy has a tollerence of several feet, but this is such a big change.

I would now like to take this information to appropriate authorities so that action can be taken. How seriously can the data be taken? Can it be used in a court?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Lion_Llew,

We are not authorized to give or suggest legal advice, and generally speaking, any pilot who uses our product must be appropriately licensed and authorized to fly or sell services to others. Perhaps another user who has been in a similar situation can chime in and offer some guidance.


Are you using GCP’s? Obviously the legal system is not prepared for this kind of information so it will probably be inadmissible, but I would think you need consistently verifiable data in order to even be considered.

Afraid we can’t use GCP’s. i am calibrating the maps using a common point, taking the data from Google Earth. i am convinced the data is representative of the reality, just how much it is out is the question, I think someone would have noticed a 50ft change in elevation in 3 months, but a 10 ft one might go unnoticed.

I think you will have a strong case in any instance. We have had issues resolved with simple images, but when it gets ugly data from a more recognized source like actual survey equipment or even an RPLS will close your case.

well, this is where we are at;

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Thanks for sharing! Have you since contracted a registered Surveyor? Or thought about flying with GCPs before too much longer? I am curious in the two elevation maps that we shown. The elevation scales seem different?


Also their statements about data tolerances… This without GCPs and survey should never been expected to be final exhibits, but tools for use by an engineer to understand the scope of the problem. Plenty could have been derived, but it sounds like they weren’t even interested in analyzing.