Drones in Agriculture, Then and Now

“In just under five years, drones have gone from a toy for gadget junkies to an essential tool in any ag professional’s toolbox. So how did we get here? And what can we expect from drones in agriculture over the next five years?”

Presenting: Drones in Agriculture, Then and Now.

How do you feel about the future of drones in ag? Share your thoughts below.

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Agriculture will be using drones on a regular basis. But the main problem is that farmers are often not interested in embracing the new technology. Those that will use drones will bring their farming to a higher level while those that will be afraid of new technology will slowly vanish and then blame the country.

Hi @dadaas,

Using new technology is often intimidating and a risk, so I can totally understand why many people are hesitant. We aim to make it more accessible and easy to grasp so that anyone can pick it up and use it. :slight_smile: