Zooming in on the map

Hey, ive had a quick look, couldnt find this…

I live in New Zealand and am trying to map an area that has a line of trees in it. Im trying to avoid getting to the tree boundary, however, when I try zoom in on the map close enough that I can see the tree line, the map doesnt scale. I get black squares.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Same on me. I can’t zoom enough. I think this’s mapbox’s problem. Why DroneDeploy don’t use Google or ios map?

We do use mapbox. We are aware of the issues this is causing and we are trying to figure out the best solution for international users.

@naz_eg unfortunately Google baselayer is very hard to integrate without using Google everything, and iOS maps doesn’t work on Android. We’re looking into how to improve this though.


Jono, any news about this issue ?
I live in Indonesia, and it is hard to plan a mission without the ability to zoom in the maps.

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Same here in NZ also, no problem with flight last week tho, just today I cannot zoom into map to get a good map outline, as I zoom in the map goes black, zoom out its cleaner but greyed out a little where I am planning way points. Any idea Chase?

We are planning to use some alternative sources for tiles for areas that don’t have coverage soon hopefully. When we do you will be able to plan easier.

Great. Once the map is fixed, I’m sure lots of aerial mapper will switch to dronedeploy considering the simplicity.

Hi @elang, @nick is responsible for pushing this forward - I’ll let him provide some feedback.

Any update on this guys?

Should be improved in the release today or tomorrow. We will be pushing out to the beta channel on play store first. Keep an eye out in the releases section of the forum.

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Hello everyone.
I see that in the upgraded app you can now zoom the maps closer so we can plan the missions better (great news for us outside the US). But I also see that in the web interface you still have the old maps where the map turns black after zooming one or two steps. Please consider upgrading this too.
Thanks a lot for all the great work!

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Yup - still the old maps on the web interface for now. We’ll be upgrading that in the next few weeks!

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Just flew some missions in Edmonton, Ab., May 2016. Same black map issue. Hopefully improvements soon.

Hi @Peter_at_Vertex - is this in the App, or on www.dronedeploy.com?