Zoom limitations on 2D Models

This is my first post so not sure if this has been discussed or requested but I feel the zoom is somewhat limited to view a 2D ortho image. I would love to zoom in closer but am unable to. Does anyone else share this sentiment?


We need more zoom. If we are making 0.5in/px maps we need to be able to take advantage of it. Especially if DroneDeploy ever gets planimetrics figured out. @Farai_Masheke :wink:

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Hi @MichaelL @jgoetzke Waiting on some feedback on this.

To me it looks like resolution might have something to do with it. Lower GSD maps seem to zoom further in?

Hi @MichaelL Not entirely sure, but our Product Team would like to take a look at this. I currently do not have any processed maps with a res of 0.5. It could be that this is not expected behavior from what I’m seeing and we should be able to confirm this soon.

May you please share a link or Flight ID to any of the maps you’ve seen this occur on so we can get them to review this for us?

Hi @jgoetzke @MichaelL I was able to receive feedback from our Product Team on this and they confirmed that there is a zoom limit for viewing a 2D ortho that we have in place. I’m not sure of what the actual limit threshold is defined as but it will not allow you to zoom all the way into a 2D ortho. If you would want to see something closer than the processed map will allow a recommendation they noted would be to look at the raw photo of that location by toggling on the image locations and select the respective image of the point on the map or look at it in our 3D viewer.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately looking at the raw image doesn’t do anything for planimetrics. According to the screenshots below the zoom factor is a relationship with the map’s resolution. Note the 6" curb.