Zoom Level on Satellite Map

Are there going to be improvements to allow greater zoom levels on the background satellite map layer ? (Bing Maps).

Currently, the zoom level is not sufficient enough to allow enough background detail on most drone imagery at a reasonable scale. This is also a big issue with both offline flight planning as there is no way to see where your location is compared to a background image.

Part of this might be resolved if you allow import of a simple KMZ survey boundary in offline survey planning?

Note: I am using this in Australia, maybe US might have better resolution zoom layers for Bing Maps.

We do have an experimental feature to allow the importing of shapefiles. We are looking into ways to improve this in the future.

Ok, that is great. Shapefiles are great, but I think for the masses, you’d want to look at kml/kmz 's.

Is it possible for me to activate the experimental feature?

I enabled this for you.

It’s only available on the desktop planning.

Fantastic, much appreciated. Will test it out and get feedback to you if I encounter any issues,


I am flying at 60ft to get try to get the most detail of the field I am flying. The detail is still not great enough for what I need. Is there a way to zoom in more?