Zenmuse Z30 Question

I did a search on the term “Z30” and pulled up only two topics that didn’t answer my question, so hopefully someone can.

Currently I have a Matrice 210 with an XT and a Zenmuse Z30. While the XT is a sure fit with DroneDeploy, the Z30 has been listed as “not tested” for quite some time and I take this as neither supported nor “not” supported, aka in limbo.

Has anyone tried the Z30 yet with DroneDeploy? If so, what applications and what we’re the results (good/bad).

I’m trying to save myself another $1800 in costs for another camera, but will buy one if necessary.

Thanks in advance

I too have a M210 with only Z30 and would like this to be supported as I do not need to go close to ground and object to have detailed pictures.

To answer your question, I ended up contacting support on this. Despite the z30 being listed as “not tested”, we should consider that as meaning “not supported” until they officially update that “supported drone page”.

I know it sucks a bit, at least it does for me as we are looking at buying an x5s now, but there are benefits to it and, the cinematic aspect can help recover the cost of one markets their services right.

Digging into the specs though and here is where I can see why they haven’t supported the z30 yet. The z30 has a 2.1 mp maximum and the x5s (the one we’re looking at and is the next in line for supported optics that’s still in production for our Matrice 210) has a 20+ mp maximum with up to 5.2k streaming.

New they (the zenmuse x5s’) are roughly $1,899 USD and you can find them used if you trust that route for around $1,300 USD depending on where you look.

Good luck and safe flying!

Even if the Z30 could work, at 2MP and a narrow viewing angle, it would be about the worst camera to use for mapping.
The X4s would be a very good camera for mapping and costs a lot less than $1800.

I agree with you on the x4s, but I think you missed some context. From the aspect of “saving money” as well as “using a camera that is still in production”, the x5s is the only viable option.

Had the z30 been compatible for him (who knows what his mapping needs are), that would have been fine OR if the x4s was still in production (it’s not and hasn’t been for awhile now- in fact good luck finding a used one even over seas).

So, back to the x5s…