Zenmuse XT Specs Used for Web Flight Planning

One of the Drone/Camera settings available when planning flights on the DroneDeploy website is “Zenmuse XT”

Waited a half hour in chat and now waiting for an email response to the basic question:

Which resolution and lens focal length is being used for the “Zenmuse XT” setting on your website? There’s the 336 and the 640 resolution, and there’s 6.8mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm Lens Options.

The fact that DD failed to add a label on the option like Zenmuse XT (640/13mm) in the dropdown is baffling to me. Combined that with after a half hour the rep couldn’t get any answers goes to show you how few of DD users but be using a Zenmuse XT. I’m going to venture a guess it’s the 640/13mm but guessing doesn’t cut it when you are trying to determine battery requirements during mission planning.

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