Zenmuse X5 not detected for PRE-planned missions

Is anyone out here utilizing a X5 and familiar with DD not recognizing the camera?

I just constructed a flight plan utilizing the DD web application and found there is no option to select your camera. I can tell that DD by default considers a X3 or P3 camera, following from the projected 2.1cm GSD at 50m AGL.

I reckoned I could solve this by connecting my Inspire (and camera) to the remote and the mobile DD application on my iPad. So I did, but after connecting and opening the previously programmed mission DD would still show the 2.1cm GSD.

Even more strangely, when I create an entirely new mission directly on my iPad the application all of a sudden DOES detect the X5 and sets the GSD to 1.3cm accordingly. Does this mean that one is only able to make flight plans using the mobile version and only while the drone is connected? That would be a bummer as setting the drone+camera+RC and drawing the plan on a small iPad screen is a lot more of a hassle compared to using the web application?

Odd question but were you using Chrome or Firefox when using DD on the web?

I was using Chrome, kara.

Yes, at the moment if you preplan, and then go to mobile, it will use the same settings. If you modify a single setting while your drone is connected it’ll update to the proper values. This will get resolved by letting you select your drone in the near future for desktop planning.

Unfortunately, that is not my experience. I believed it would work that way, but it did not.

Upon loading the desktop-planned mission on my iPad (with the Inspire+X5) connected I changed multiple values, including front and side overlap, in an attempt to update the GSD. But it did not. I will give it another shot later today!