Yuneec H520

I searched for this and only saw one for the Typhoon from almost 2 years ago that said no planned support, but another from this January referencing the H520 specifically that seemed like he had processed some images? @Christina

Can't see 3D Model or Elevation

Hi @chascoadmin,

The user probably flew a mission with a different app and processed the images with DroneDeploy. We still don’t support flight planning with non-DJI drones.


Got you that’s kind of what I was looking for. Just a way to take pictures with the h520 and upload them to drone deploy. I just got it so I don’t know much about it yet.

Hi @chascoadmin,

Have you taken a look at the “For all other datasets…” section in the How to Process Datasets support page? Might be of some use.


I will do that, thank you!

That’s some pretty basic info, I guess I need to study the Yuneec literature more. Looks like the controller has a built-in survey mode that is the same as the DroneDeploy serpentine flight pattern. I just wanted to make sure that the images that natively come out of that system will work with DroneDeploy. i have the E50 camera. Thanks again.

Touching base back on this with an update.

We’ve been flying the H520 for the past 8 months with great success. The elevation/GCP issue has been worked out and I now fly the H520 the majority of the time on our larger sites over 50 acres. The DJI P4P is still used, but lately has been relegated to small jobs, progress photos and 360 panos. They share the load on video depending on the need. While I can’t yet let DroneDeploy drive it process and houses the data all the same.

What drives your preference to use the H520?

Versatility, stability, interchangeable cameras and longer battery life. The Matrice and Inspires are too much for our needs so this is a nice mid-ground. Downside is you get what they give you and no app store. I am beta testing with them and 3rd party support is in the game plan, but no timetable.

I can see the value in redundant power train and camera options if you need them.

Stability in mapping, I don’t know. I’m not sure that flying in more windy conditions would be ideal for the imagery sake regardless if the craft can handle it. You think you can get good results in substantially more wind than you can with the P4P?

Are you of the opinion that the mechanical shutter doesn’t really provide better image sets after all?

As far as an over-all more versatile tool, I can certainly see that. I’m just questioning that it is a better mapping image collection tool?

I have clipped a tree and come back on four to tell about it.

P4P, I don’t fly above 12mph if I don’t have to. Mostly battery because it handles it well, but the landing gear will get in the way. H520 at 18mph, larger gimbal and the landing gear retracts.

Notice I didn’t say better images so mechanical shutter will always win. Hence P4P over all Mavics to date… Before the 2 Pro. They can argue as much as they want.

My maps are just as good, but I post-process all my images. Thermal is nice in our scenario as well. Especially when you just land and switch.

Yes, that is the biggie. DJI not going with a hex platform (a Y6 would be ideal) on their M200 series was a head scratcher for sure with the $$ payloads involved. Shows you they certainly don’t know everything. I’m glad you’re happy with the Yuneec.