Yuneec H520


I searched for this and only saw one for the Typhoon from almost 2 years ago that said no planned support, but another from this January referencing the H520 specifically that seemed like he had processed some images? @Christina

Can't see 3D Model or Elevation


Hi @chascoadmin,

The user probably flew a mission with a different app and processed the images with DroneDeploy. We still don’t support flight planning with non-DJI drones.



Got you that’s kind of what I was looking for. Just a way to take pictures with the h520 and upload them to drone deploy. I just got it so I don’t know much about it yet.


Hi @chascoadmin,

Have you taken a look at the “For all other datasets…” section in the How to Process Datasets support page? Might be of some use.



I will do that, thank you!


That’s some pretty basic info, I guess I need to study the Yuneec literature more. Looks like the controller has a built-in survey mode that is the same as the DroneDeploy serpentine flight pattern. I just wanted to make sure that the images that natively come out of that system will work with DroneDeploy. i have the E50 camera. Thanks again.