Yuneec H520 Emlid PPK

Almost done with the PPK module for my orange.


Oh, and if you’re wondering the black part on the bottom is a lipo battery that came with my wife’s purse, lol. It’s actually pretty fortunate the way it is configured. It has a small plug and a short extension cable that I can plug right into the M+. Correct voltage and twice the capacity of the battery I’m using on my Phantom.

Well, here we are ready for a test flight. Too windy today though. It’s setup as one module that can be pulled off and mounted to a survey pole if I like. I have a rover, but never hurts to have a backup.



You can follow the rest of the progress here,

Latest rendition. Did a little repositioning of the antenna and the components to get better balance.

Last one… Ready for tomorrow.

An update to this project can be found on the Emlid Community Forum.