X5s for mapping

Hi there, does DD support the X5s for mapping or do they/you prefer the X4s?

Many thanks

Hi @waynecoomer,

You can find a full list of the drones and cameras we currently support at Supported Drones.


Christina, is it oversight that the M200 is not listed with the X5S camera? (shows only X4S on the link)

Hi @EQB_View_LLC,

It isn’t an oversight. It hasn’t been officially tested with our software so there’s no guarantee that it will or should work without issue.


Thank you. Ive flown with it with it plenty. . . great camera and hopefully will get DD endorsement at some point. According to DJI, the most widely sold camera they sell for the Matrice and Inspire series, by far. (of course only for the M200series and I2)


Which lens do you use on the X5S for mapping? The X4S has been a powerhouse for us – so disappointed that it has gone the way of the cuckoo bird, but now we need to find a new solution.

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