X5 flight control

X5 is currently only supported on iOS due to it using a different version of the sdk. We are working on the android update but it will be a little while before its out.

Thanks a million. I will go get an ipad and get with the program!!!

Flew it today Chase, and had some issues with it crab-walking. There was a decent wind (10-15mph), so I’m not sure if it was just the craft reacting to that, or if it was the mission plan. It looked pretty consistent through the flight though, which leads me to think it was something to do with the mission plan.

Any word on when we can expect voltage/percentage back? Thankfully we have a dual operator setup where we can watch telemetry on the slave RC through DJI Go, otherwise I’m not sure I’d trusts flying with DroneDeploy alone.

We had someone report that and they did an IMU calibration and it was fixed. Not sure what can cause it to happen in the first place though.
We’ve been waiting on Apple for the release. It was supposed to be yesterday but I think we got a really slow person this time.

And voltage is coming soon as an option most likely. It’s not in the newest version though.

Tried to fly with DroneDeploy today, and no luck. Got off the ground, started flying the mission, but it was flying super slow, not taking pictures, and not pointing the camera down.

Is it possible it hadn’t started the actual mission yet? Did it reach the first waypoint before you brought it home? There is an issue with the X5 firmware right now that causes us to have to capture very slow. They said they have the fix and it will be in the next firmware update.

99% sure it did, as it headed one direction (to the starting point) and then turned to begin the first row of the mission.

So what about X5 on androïd or iOS ? Which is the best ?
Is now control of camera/focus/exposure OK ?