X5 flight control

spoke to you guys online, when will you invite me to beta test , desperate this side have work waiting with 3 machines idle…

Hi @gary_Ressel , thanks for your interest!

As with all our beta’s we’ve been rolling it out slowly - this way we minimize frustration if something isn’t working particularly well. With the next release in the next few days, there are some significant bug fixes, and we’ll bring on the next wave. I’ll make sure that you’re on this list.


Jono - how can I get on that next wave release? Would love to have a shot at it!

Just fill out the form here:


this is exactly the issue. DJI confirmed the SDK update to include the pro/x5 is in r&d but no date for release.

The most recent iOS beta has experimental X5 control. We are adjusting settings some more this week to see if we can get the focus correct.

I’m looking forward to receiving an invitation. :slight_smile:

@chasemgray Flew four consecutive flights the other day with great success from the app. Took off, ran the missions and landed successfully each time. All images were proper nadir orientation, which was great.

To echo what others have said, a battery indicator with voltage would be a huge help. I ran DJI Go on our second/camera setup to be able to track progress and status with, which worked well.

Great job, looking forward to seeing how this all progresses.

The update we pushed out today should improve the battery as well as a few other things.

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Perhaps a dumb question @chasemgray, but on the iOS beta, how do I update it?

When you get a notification about an update you need to open test flight and there should be an update button

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Ran the new app on a flight yesterday, and all the images came back out of focus. Any ideas?

It looks like a small change to how we focus we made based on a recommendation from DJI is not working. I’ll chat with them and also roll back to the old way we were focusing (which was limited to the default lens) for now. Should release the updated version very soon.

@chasemgray - Which would you say is the ‘better’ app to use at this point, iOS or Android? I have the option to run either.

Also - in iOS, I didn’t see where I could pull up a video feed during flight? The battery percentage was quite helpful though. If there was a way to see voltage also, that would be really terrific.

The X5 video feed was giving some problems the day before release so we decided to not show it until we resolved those. We are looking into it though. I’ll add a note about the voltage to our product plans.
I’d say at the moment the iOS app is the preferred one. Android is getting rewritten right now so we can have them both using the same new SDK.

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@chasemgray - when can we expect that rollback to resolve the focus issue? I have a mission tomorrow that I’d love to use the beta on again.

Rollback happening today.

So the focus has definitely improved over earlier in the week, but still is pretty soft & a bit blurry. Also, my battery percentage froze at 86% on this flight.

We’re using the same settings as we were previously, but DJI has let us know a method that will let us figure out the ideal focus and it shouldn’t matter which lens you are using. This will be out in the next release hopefully.

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Chase, what firmware update for the x5 is the appropriate one. I tried a mapping flight yesterday with Android and the waypoints were made and flight was perfect but no photos at the end of the flight. I did have a notification that the camera needed a firmware update prior to the flight but I flew it anyway. Flight paths were perfect just no photos. Been on the forum but haven’t found a definite firmware recommended for the Android use. Or is android use still not out? Just checking . . . . not sure from the forum where we stand on the android use. Thanks for all your hard work.