X5 flight control

I’ve just received my new Inspire 1 Pro with the X5, and intend to use it for mapping. Is there a stable version of DroneDeploy that I can use with this setup to reliably control the Inspire during flight?

I’m a little hesitant to try ‘beta’ software with an expensive platform such as this.

We don’t actually do any control of the aircraft besides providing it waypoints. If you’re concerned then stick with the 1.04.0010 public firmware. It has some limitations but still useable.
dji hasn’t released support for that camera yet but it should still take images. Meyou will need to set the focus before the flight to infinite so the pictures aren’t blurry.

You can get your feet wet with 1.04.0010, as Chase suggests, and work with that to become comfortable with the fact that you can baill out of autonomous flight at any time with the flip of a switch. It should make you more confident after you’ve done that a couple of times and seen the aircraft come to a halt and wait for commands from the controller.

Tried DroneDeploy over the weekend, and couldn’t get it to launch my Inspire, so apparently it’s still not stable & reliable.

Are you using 1.04.0010. It’s not a very good firmware release when it comes to the SDK. The SDK and the firmware teams at DJI didn’t communicate very well during that release. If you upgrade to 1.05.0011 it should work better.

So, probably a dumb question, but where can I get 1.05.0011 for the Inspire? I don’t see it in DJI’s downloads page for the Inspire.

Updated the release post with the links which point to DJI’s SDK downloads page.

Did you switch from “P” to “F” mode on your controller? DroneDeply won’t fly otherwise. Likewise, you switch back to “P” mode to regain control of the aircraft at any time.

Yes, I had the switch on F. I’ve heard some apps say you need to be in the air before switching to F (from P) though, in order to send the mission to the Inspire. Is that the case with DroneDeploy?

You can takeoff with the SDK with 1.04.0010. It’s not as easy to implement as it was before. The other apps either didn’t know or didn’t bother to fix it.

Sorry for the longer answer. We take off for you if everything is working in DroneDeploy. If you have an issue taking off again I can check our logs to see what error you’re seeing. We don’t currently display some error that uses might see such as no fly zones and a few others.

I just checked logs for one of your recent flights. I’m seeing a weird error that usually only happens when there is something else wrong, such as compass, etc. Can you try to make sure you can fly with the DJI Go app before trying next time with DroneDeploy. We are seeing an error that only happens when some failsafe is preventing the drone from taking off, but we don’t get any other details.

Yup, I had flown just prior to the DD flight attempt. Within the previous 15 minutes.

You can try to takeoff before the flight as well. If you want to continue with 1.04.0010 you should be able to takeoff once the checklist has passed and then try to start the mission.

@MBlacklin It seems a thought the X5 has different firmware to the X3 - I’m not entirely sure how that update would work. you can find the link to 1.5.11 in our Firmware Update Guide, but I’m uncertain if it’ll install on the X5.

Yes, I think that’s the case. Take off, then switch. At least I think that’s the case.

nope tried to install on the X5 no go

X5 support will be in the iOS beta in the next week or so hopefully. Android will be a bit behind that because we are using different sdk versions.

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so what you saying is that it will work but you wont have picture???

Well, it might stop the flight because some of the image calls we make using the SDK fail. We are working on fixing this.