Wrong speed

Hey, I tried some flight plans, and I set 15m/s and when I go to fly, it goes only 9 m/s. Another time, I set 13 m/s to capture better the photos, and it set 10 m/s. Someone has an idea what is happening?

Hi @allygemelli,

The speed setting is intended for you to set the maximum speed for the drone, but it does not actually set the speed at 15 m/s. In other words, 15 m/s is simply the maximum speed the drone can fly with DroneDeploy. However, the actual speed of the drone can vary depending on your flight parameters: altitude, sidelap, and frontlap are all settings that can change the drone’s speed. We automatically calculate your drone speed based on your flight parameters, so it can’t be “set” by the user.


Ok, now I understood.