Wrong resolution and no pictures taken

Hello all and thank you for the interest you will have to my post.

I’m trying to use dronedeploy since I have project which needs an increased altitude compared to the pix4d app max altitude (150).

I’m using a P4 Pro, and I have 2 big issues :

1- No pictures are taken during the flight
2- The resolution given by the app is false : In fact for a 200meters altitude, the resolution given by dronedeploy is 8.6cm/px, and the real resolution (give by DJI GS or pix4d tool) should be around 5.5 cm (with a 3/2 ratio 5472*3648 px)

Anyone can help me ? thank you guys …

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Up please … :frowning: my mission is to be done this weekend …!

So 0 support ? Well … see you DD