Workpath for Tiled GTIFs into CAD


I’m looking for assistance in setting up a workpath for warping and clipping GeoTIFFs batches of tiled images from Drone Deploy into CAD. Ideally with no border, but if that’s not poss then with a white border.
All files need to have accompanying TFW worldfiles with warped coordinates.

I use QGIS and AutoCAD - ending up in Vectorworks (via CAD-Earth exchange plugin).

Have made various bits of progress but none particularly satisfactory.
Any assistance or tips gratefully received.

Niels C

Niels have you tried using Global Mapper? It has a fantastic set of tools for clipping & tiling data.

As for the white border, you should be able to hide that in AutoCAD easily. Set variable imageframe to 0.


Hi Niels, @ensta

Have you checked out our support documents? I’ve pulled together a few documents that could help get you started. Here’s our guide to exporting your data. Depending on your use case, this guide about displaying GeoTiffs in QGIS might be a good place to start—the guide uses exporting an elevation map as the workflow example, but can also be used for orthomosaic and plant health maps as well.

There is also discussion on this forum thread about export settings and file sizes for importing GeoTIFFs into AutoCAD Civil 3D!

Hope this helps!


Thanks Hannah,

Neither of these links deal with reprojecting tiled image sets. Which is what is required. And it’s Vworks that is the final destination here. So JPEGs are ideal.

Best regards,

@ensta Thanks for letting me know! I will look into this further and gather some more specific information to answer your questions better.