Working abroad


Can be DroneDeploy used abroad?


We have a lot of international users of dronedeploy already making maps.


I would definitely subscribe to DD as I think is a potentially the best way for NDVI mapping and 3D mapping which have very good commercial potential here in Norfolk (UK). Unfortunately my System is IOS based and I am desperately waiting for the release of the IOS app as it seems I cannot “jump onboard” of the iOS Beta testing. How far are we for the final release?
Many regards


If you sign up we should be sending invites again tomorrow


I did sign up and also sent a mail asking if I could join.


You can, but you have to be able to speak proper English and be okay with documents. If you lack documents, it depends on country you live in and the one you want to move to. But if we talking about learning English, there is much more to be done - tons of services around the world, for Poland for example.


Speaking of studying English, I remembered I got good experience with Doing homework isn’t a trouble for me anymore, also I’ve managed to learn how to write great essays. It’ll suit everyone’s needs, I guess.