Workflow for using Go 4 Camera Settings with DD (Inspire 2)

Does anyone know the proper workflow for wanting to use the manual settings from DJI Go 4? I have an Inspire 2 with X5S. I’ve tried several things but I’m not sure what is correct and I keep running into issues. Should I take off in Go4, set my focus and exposure, land, close Go 4, open DD, set the DD switches to use Go 4 exposure and focus settings, then start the mission? Should I leave both apps open? I can’t find any information anywhere about what the proper workflow is when wanting to use the Go 4 focus and exposure settings. I’ve tried launching with Go 4 setting everything, landing, closing Go 4… but then when I do that, sometimes my gimbal goes sideways. I’ve had that happen on a couple of flights. The 90s look ok but then when it’s taking perimeter shots they are all out of whack and then when it lands I see the camera is crooked. I didn’t notice this originally because I was starting the missions in the air but when I tried to set the settings in Go 4 and then land and open DD, I immediately saw the gimble go sideways when I closed Go 4. I could really use some help. Thank you!

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