Workflow for creating rock outcrop models and embedding in website


I’m very new to drones and mapping. I’m looking to use DroneDeploy Pro with a Phantom 4 Pro.

My goal is to create 3D models of rock outcrops by draping the images on the DEM and to then embed the 3D models on my website.

Will drone deploy allow me to add the photos to the DEM / .obj mesh and then export the model?

Is there a simple and free way that I can take this model and then embed it into my website? I’m using MeshLab and GLC Player. From my research, I can only see other sites that will host the data, but I am looking for a way to embed it and host it myself. The step i’m missing is to get my file embedded in the website.

Finally, can anyone give me an idea of how large these files are for say a 1km by 200m swath model? Does the software have ways of compressing or reducing the pixels and DEM grid cell to reduce filesize?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the n00b questions. Very excited to get into this!