Workaround - Manually Ending Missions Forces Manual Upload


There has been quite a bit about discussion about manually ending missions frequently in order to jump to another flight plan or manually fly. Here are the other threads fitting this discussion. @JamesC notes that turning on Live Map might be a workaround so that the mission finishes after the last image is taken and the Live map starts processing. Give it a try and let us know if you find the same.


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Turning on Live Map in itself didn’t help Michael. All of my missions are flown with Live Map enabled but only after clicking on the link in the Live Map email notification did my Live Map appear under the Explore tab and then prompt for an upload of the images. Until then on the PC, there was nothing under the Explore tab and no ability to upload images for the incomplete mission.



Got it. It will be interesting to see how many people fly with Live Map every time. I think the point is that if you have Live Map on and view it before you upload that it might get around the issue we are having with missions not populating in the upload area.

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I had already uploaded the images manually and were in a state of processing by the time I accidentally got the Live Map to appear in Explore. Before then the Fly tab showed my mission templates but now that the Live Map is in Explore, the incomplete mission now appears in the Fly tab.

Alongside where it has the ‘Continue Mission’ button, it should also have a second button to ‘Mark Mission Complete’ or something. This is a big problem and I would hope it is up there in the list of priorities to fix quickly.

In the morning I will upload the images into Explore through the mission’s prompt button and see if the incomplete mission goes away altogether. I can’t see how it cannot tbh but the whole thing is backward right now so who knows?


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I tested yesterday and using Live Map and was able to see the mission in processing and also tagged GCPs.