Won't load Waypoints

New on here today.
I have just programmed a map to do some 3D work.
I connected everything up to my Inspire 1 Pro and when it went through the check list it came up with an error message about the waypoints and mention something about the Phantom 4.
I tried this on 2 tablets and my iPhone but it would t work.
So I got my Phantom 4 out and it loaded up fine and flew the mission??
Also, do you need 3 or 4G or a wifi connection as I could not even view the map on my tablets?
Probably all very basic but as I say, Newby here🙂


On 3D I often use just obliques using the DJI app POI feature or manual flight looking down 45 - 60 degrees at different altitudes.

You might recycle power on everything and copy the flightplan and restart the app to clear out conflicts.

A wifi connection or cellular is necessary for viewing background maps - or you can plan on wifi and cache them as described here. https://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/mobile-planning