Won't let me log in to laptop?

Everything works fine on my phone and iPad when I try to log on with my laptop it goes to the site and I click log in and it just says initializing device like its loading and won’t log in! Can’t figure out what’s going on

Which browser are you using. Typically, DroneDeploy works best on Chrome and Firefox.

Maybe you can clear cache/cookies and restart again the browser… or restart the laptop

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What haggen said makes sense too. Is it working now?

Opening it in chrome solved it! Pretty bummed I was flying in my yard real slow and got by the house guess it lost Gps signal for a second drifted into house wasn’t no big deal real close to the ground but the battery popped out and landed in a puddle of water since it had rained earlier today. :unamused:

Sorry to hear that. When I fly, I generally set my Return to Home altitude above the general height of the area I’m shooting. Almost smacked into the side of a building a few weeks back. Lesson learned.