Wind Turbine blade inspection

We use drones to do blade inspections on wind turbines. We start from the top of the turbine and take pictures the length of the blade to the tip. We do this for all 4 sides of the blade. We are struggling finding a solution to put these pictures together so that the customer can see a high resolution image and detect any damage. We have been using Photoshop to put the images together but it is extremely time intensive. Does Dronedeploy offer a solution to stitching these photos together and then possibly display them on a 3D model of the turbine? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @jaspoe30, unfortunately that’s not possible with DroneDeploy. However, you could upload the imagery and create 3D models within DD.

Hey @jaspoe30,
DroneDeploy have a new app on the App market specifically for what you are describing :slight_smile:
Check out the Scopito app.

Our company Jiangsu ESONE New Material Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer of PTFE peel ply and PTFE mold release tape, which is used in the vacuum bagging system of wind power blade processing.

You can also try Microsoft Image Composite Editor. ICE. You can do panoramas, orthomosaics, tiny worlds and 360 degree spheres. The orthomosaics are not geometrically correct, but it is an easy way to create a high-resolution orthomosaic if you need it very quickly. Higher resolution than live map.