Wind Speeds

If you’re flying a Phantom 4 Pro, what wind speeds are you comfortable flying in? I get leary when it gets above 15mph…

15mph is the norm here for some parts of San Francisco! Though it still makes me nervous too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I found that DJI is recommending 22mph which surprises me because manufacturers/engineers always err on the safe side. Of course 22mph here means that the gusts are 35-40, lol…

I would definitely rather be safe than sorry. And by that, I mean trusting my gut if I feel that it’s too windy.

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It depends on how far you go and how long you want to take to get there or come back.
If you’re flight plan speed for mapping is 15 mph and the wind is 15 mph, it might be alright.
Just consider that winds and gusts at altitude may be higher than ground speed.
If wind is a factor, I try and takeoff downwind and adjust the Flight Direction so it has to work against the wind to go away from me, but will definitely come back with the wind - insurance to make sure it comes back…

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Thanks @Gary, I understand the logistics of flying in the wind - I just wanted to get a cross-section from the community on what their perception was and if anyone has experienced any definite no-nos.

I tried a flight when it was about 21km/h on the ground. Using other apps I find that is do-able, but this DD flight had to go against the wind to get to the start point. It was moving so slowly that I had to abort

0.32 km/h is way too slow to get to the first waypoint.

Airdata have just updated their service so that now we can get in flight wind speeds even from past flights

So in conclusion, wind speeds of 32 to 35 km/h is too fast to fly a DroneDeploy mission


Thanks for contributing @SouthCoast. I know that the DroneDeploy limitation of speed to the first waypoint and home from the last is being discussed, but I don’t know their stance on it. @Christina

I recently got good results in a steady 17 mph wind. I normally would probably not have launched, but the wind was coming onshore from the ocean and I was mapping the dunes so I felt confident I could recover my P4P if i had to put it down anywhere on the site. It flew with about a 25 degree tilt into the wind, but the nadir pictures came back great - way better than expected.

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Anyone have an update about it in 2019 ?
Is speed limitation between home and first/last waypoint still low or not adaptative ?

I never heard anything. What I ended up doing in scenarios that the first waypoint is a good distance away is manually fly to the first and then start the mission. Either way the battery usage is about the same unless there are higher winds and the drone has to pitch further to fight it trying to achieve full speed.

Thanks for the fast answer and the tip ! Do you plan flights with UAV Forecast ? What setting do you have for the wind ?

I glimpse at UAV forecast and have mine set to 15mph at 225ft. I prefer to use the Atmosoar Windsock app from the DD Market as it is integrated right on the dashboard and in flight planning. It’s not showing data on the PC dashboard, but does in Flight Planning and in the mobile app and can be adjusted for the time of your flight for forecasting.

Ok i’ll give it a try, thanks :slight_smile: