Wind Speed Affecting Air Speed and Mission Viability P4


Can folk give info on how wind speed affects P4 mission stats?
Air speed, battery consump etc?
Obvs it affects both but nice to know if there’s a known relationship between wind speed and air speed for example.


First, what is air speed? Air speed is the delta between ground speed and wind speed. On a perfectly calm day air speed is equal to ground speed. With a tailwind the air speed is less than the ground speed and the opposite is true with a headwind. This seems counterintuitive, but is important because it reflects how much energy the drone is having to expend. This is another reason why it’s best to fly parallel with the wind direction. The energy expense is more even than if it was a crosswind and the drone is compensating for that the entire flight.
With DroneDeploy the system sets your speed to achieve the overlaps, but does not take into account the wind so if you set 70% frontlap and are in a headwind you will get more than 70% so you can manipulate that if you want. Sidelap is sidelap regardless.
As a general rule, if the drone can’t sustain 10mph I don’t try to map. I may still take pictures and video, but wouldn’t stake my reputation on the accuracy or feel it necessary to put that much stress on it.

Thanks for this.
One quick thing to pick up on, although it seems intuitive to me to do flights parallel with wind direction, your message states that this uses more energy than cross winds. So what is the main rationale for flying parallel in your opinion?

I can see how the wording was confusing… It is a more even expense of energy when flying parallel to the wind direction. Obviously flying into the wind uses the most energy, but when you run with the tailwind you are gaining some of that back. Flying in a crosswind causes the drone to compensate the entire flight and with Phantoms you run the risk of getting the landing gear in the images.