Wind blows Phantom 3 off course

Hey, all. I flew a mission in strong winds today, and the Phantom 3 did not do very will in trying to stay on path. It seems like once it is blown off course, it does not attempt to return to the line; instead, it tries to fly in a line straight for the next waypoint, which eventually succeeds as the angle to the next waypoint increases in deviation from the original. It could be doing a better job of trying to hug the line—I could definitely have flown this manually in the same winds.

This might be a DJI SDK issue and not a Drone Deploy issue—just highlighting the problem.

I was going to upload a picture, but new users cannot upload. Link to picture on the G+ Community page is here:

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Thanks @echeng. I can’t view the link, is the post gone?

The Phantom 3 and the Inspire can often get blown a bit off course in strong winds. They can also get stuck at waypoints but this might be getting fixed with the latest firmware. They also don’t seem to recover very well after they get blown off course.

I still see the post! I assume that I will reach level 1 here soon enough, after which I will be able to upload.