Will mission continue if connection with controller drops?

Hello all, I am new to DroneDeploy and wanted to know if my drone lost connection to the controller will it continue to fly the mission and then return upon completion or does it trigger a RTH?

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I suggest you use the Search feature for this forum and look for lost connection. I found over a dozen posts containing this phrase. Maybe one of them will apply to your drone.


I did use the search function but I was hoping for a more recent response since the posts referencing my question are 5-7 years old. Assumed things may have changed.


In my experience, the lost-link feature is managed by the drone settings and not DD. I fly Autel Evo II Pro Enterprise and Mavic 3E and both will return to home if the remote-drone link is lost.

In my experience as long as you don’t reset the mission on the app it will give you the opportunity to resume. I have even had it ask me a day or two later. Now whether or not it would actually do it at that point I don’t know but I have had it resume within the hour even after rebooting the entire system including the iPad.

I think @czuluaga was referencing a complete radio signal loss and is correct that the DJI app is going to do what you told it to do in settings and DD has no control over that. A video drop won’t trigger and RTH and neither scenario should affect the DD handling of the broken mission.

All that said there is always the opportunity that a mission break will not resume for some unknown reason but in my experience I have found that it does what it is supposed to 9/10 times.

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It would be nice if DroneDeploy could allow the drone to continue its mission until a standard battery triggered RTH even if the signal is lost. When mapping 200+ acre jobs the last thing I want to do is follow it in my truck or side x side for 6 hours…

In my experience, my DJI Phanton 4 Pro V2 continued it’s mapping mission after loosing connection with the controller (and came in for a battery change). This has happened to me twice.

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