Will Drone Deploy fit my project’s needs?

Hello, I just bought a Mavic pro platinum for a specific project. My client needs a full single picture of a production plant which I can’t shot in a single picture at 500 m (the plant measures around 2 kilometers) I would need to fly higher than that which is not possible. Drone Deploy seems a good solution if I can set it up to fly no less than 300 meters and if I can stitch high quality resolution images for the whole picture. Is that possible? I see a limit of 400 feet (only 122 meters) which is too low and I have read 2 cases of Mavics that have flown away! (I can’t take that risk)

Hello @Jacorjim Thanks for reaching out. You are more than welcome to map out the production plant by flying and processing your images via DroneDeploy. Essentially a GeoTiff file can be created. However, we set our limit to 400 as per FAA regulations.

As far as the fly aways, I would make sure you are on your our latest firmware and also app version. Majority of all fly away cases reported are a result of a loss of GPS connection which we have no control of. I would suggest making sure you have control of the drone at all times and to make sure your drone is fully calibrated.


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That’s the whole point of the mapping solution. You take photos which become tiles and DroneDeploy stitches all the tiles together to make one full site super-high resolution map. If you tried to go anywhere near high enough to get the site in one or a couple of pictures you are resolution would be terrible.