Why the delay in the upload option

I don’t quite get why there is any delay in making the upload button available on the desktop browser.

Since the procedure between the time of flight and upload isn’t clear, this is what I’ve surmised (correct me if I’m wrong):

  1. Fly mission
  2. Shut down UAS, DO NOT SHUT DOWN TABLET IF OFF THE GRID (99.9% of the time)
  3. Get Tablet back to a network connection
  4. wait, wait wait for xx minutes (10? 15)?
  5. Open Dronedeploy on PC browser
  6. Check to see if upload button is present. If not, repeat steps 4 & 5, if it is, proceed with step 7
  7. Upload images to mission

So I flew a mission at 10AM, it’s now 4:30 PM, and I didn’t have the option to upload. I can only imagine that it was because I didn’t have my tablet on a network for some period of time, but how long should I be waiting, and why can’t that upload button always be present?

I would just manually upload with the plus button at the bottom right of the navigation pane. I agree that something is up though.

OK, that’s a good tip, thank you.