Why not have drone return to exact point it left off, even mid row?

On a large job, lets say a 100 acre square area, the dimensions of the square are approx 2,000 ft. It is very likely you could hit the minimum battery level half way into the row, at 1,000 ft. Yet on the drone deploy app, it won’t return to where it left off.
You’ll have to re-shoot the entire 1,000 feet of half the row because the DD app will only restart at the beginning of the row it left off. That’s wasted time and battery juice.

Why not save the GPS coordinates of the last two photos taken in the row, and then return the the GPS location of the photo taken before the last photo to ensure you don’t have a gap in your overlap due to the GPS inaccuracy and thereby not have to reshoot the entire 1,000 feet all over again?

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I would like to ask for that as well. It seems that you can watch the drone approach the end of a pass, seem to finish the pass, then have it return home. But it hasn’t recorded that it reached the end, so it must do the whole pass again.

Another thing is that when it is returning it could be coming right alongside the next pass when it could move over and take photos on the way home achieving another pass with almost no more battery drain


Sounds like a good feature request… and why I always fly from a central location. On projects that big it is easy to get out of visual line of site.

I always hit RTH in the app when it has just passed a convenient local waypoint so it does not have to fly far home or back to that point. Sometimes I will configure the flight direction of the flight plan to optimize battery use based on this approach.

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I’m here to say YES WE DEFINITELY NEED THIS. Even a mid point would work.

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It will be a great thing for DD. I want this option too.