Why does the drone fly so slow in an unlocked situation

I have been doing construction sites for about a year and a half and have experienced very little problems until now. I am doing 137 acres each week close to an airport that I must unlock each week to fly. At my other construction sites, the drone flies approximately 30 to 35 MPH but at the site that I have to unlock, it will only fly at 19 MPH. Can anyone explain why and is there anyway to get the speed turned back up, this is eating too many batteries and taking to long.


When it actually flies the mission it is going to fly the correct speed in order to obtain the frontlap that you have chosen and it may also have to slow down if the altitude is lower.

If you fly with 65% overlap at 400 feet it will fly full speed. That’s what you need to do for more coverage on a single battery.