Why does rotating flight path decrease the pass width?

I am hoping someone can tell me why changing the default flight path angle from 0 to anything else significantly narrows the distance between passes and really increases the flight time? We end up always running our flights east to west even when the area to be mapped is much longer north to south because rotating the flight path in the flight planner causes a significant increase in estimated flight time. For example, im trying to fly a 500m (E-W) by 2000m (N-S) area, by default the paths are set to fly east to west (0 angle) in dronedpeloy which means lots of short passes with many turns, and the estimated flight time is 50min, when i turn it 90 degrees to fly north and south along the long axis of the area to be mapped the width between passes gets really small automatically and even though there are fewer passes the total time is estimated at 75min. Does this happen because DD assumes the wind will always be blowing E-W??

Thanks for the feedback! that does appear to be a bug with the planning. Someone is working on this now.

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Thanks chasemgray! keep me posted, i have been wondering about this for a long time. Its actually been forcing us to use other missions planners for missions where the long axis of the area is N-S. Would be great to see this updated in DD :slight_smile:


Any update on this issue?, or a workaround?