Why did DD remove Plant Health from the Pro Plan (which I pay for)

I don’t know why nobody is bothering here about the fact that DD removed Plant Health functionality for NDVI sensor cameras from the Pro Plan (129 USD per month) without any preceding notice.

Does no one here use NDVI sensors for that? Is everybody happy with the RGB VARI result?

I’m writing to let you know that we recently discovered an error with our permissions system that was allowing you to generate exports that are not intended to be part of your DroneDeploy Pro plan. Lucky you – you’ve been getting a little bit more than you paid for!

Since it’s our mistake, we’d like to give you two more weeks to use these exports before we remove them from your account.

If you want to continue using them after August 22, 2018, you can upgrade to a Business plan directly from your settings page or reach out to our sales team to learn more about other available plans. For more information about what export formats are included in different DroneDeploy plans, please refer to our pricing page or our plan comparison sheet.

Thanks for your understanding,

Thanks Yusuf!
I thought Plant Health for NDVI sensors/processing was part of the Pro Plan.
The timing until 22nd of August is fine, since I am just expanding the group of potential customers while still experimenting with reliable and absolute NDVI index numbers (unhealthy range: 0.33 to 0.66, or healthy range: 0.66 to 1). One local representative of a “huge” company will let me fly orthos from this time around over agricultural or scientific test fields.
When I try to change my plan from “Pro” to “Agriculture” within my account settings, it is said to cost the same as “Pro” (999 USD, annual billing only).
The file “DroneDeploy Precision Agriculture Package FV3.pdf” describes 2D-maps, Elevation layers and Volume measuremnt to be present. I guess 3D-models won’t be included anymore?
Is there a way (or “Plan-Mod”) to keep 3d-models while still being able to create Plant Health maps with NDVI sensors?
Thanks in advance for an answer!

I just contacted the sales team, so please consider this thread as solved (for the time being) :wink:
Thanks a lot for your help!