Why can’t DJI mavic air 2 be used

Why won’t the update their software to work with mavic air 2


Yeees please! I just bought the mavic air 2 and I really need to use drondeploy :frowning:


Firstly, mavic air 2 controller doesn’t support automated flights. Also, the gnss/gps in the air 2 is not capable of performing automated flights and pictures. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong there but that’s what the specs suggest.) Unfortunately, it looks like the air 2 will never be capable with aftermarket automated flight programs and it seems like DJI did this on purpose. You can always manually take pictures and use 3D developer programs but that is a lot of work. Finally, the air 2 is not good for mapping, a 12 Megapixel jpeg Camera will not provide your clients with great maps unless you take twice as many photos, and still it doesn’t really cut it. The air 2 will always be useless for mapping. It’s more of an entry level learn to fly drone for basic pictures and 4K video.

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Technically the Air 2 could be used in DroneDeploy as soon as they can work with the SDK and the geotagging truncation was fixed in the last firmware update, but this really is the bottom line in my opinion as well. Oh, and I love how they market it as 48mp when it’s really just four pictures stitched together which does not work for mapping.

I have to say, I’ve been using my MP1 with its 12mp camera for 3 years and albeit the DD app is a bit hit and miss and sub-par imo, I haven’t often had a problem with what’s been processed afterwards. I suffered badly from bowling effect to start with and although I’m sure my lack of experience played some part in that, I know that development on that side has progressed significantly since I began using it.

The only thing I will say, is that I am aware that it will take me 20% longer to fly than a P4 and the images are of course better on the P4, but for what I use it for, the MP1 is more than sufficient.

No, I don’t have a problem with my 12mp camera.

Yeah, but the MP was a beast when it came out and I think the point is that this is a brand new drone with the same sensor and started with geotagging limitations so it was immediately off the drawing board. A 12mp camera was great 4 years ago and that’s why the 20mp mechanical camera of the P4P still reigns supreme even though it was released 6 months before the MP. Fact is though that battles have to be chosen by what is the most beneficial to the platform and the masses and spending time on a drone that imho is edging more on the toy side is not one of the priorities. Maybe if DroneDeploy had twice as many people and focused on micro-mapping then we could get the Mavic Mini supported too.

There’s no argument, only 12mp pics shouldn’t be ruled out if they are good for the job, especially at the money it costs to produce them.

The limitations of the geotagging is a different debate, but yes, it is ridiculous that it should even be a limitation.

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Is there any progress on this subject? we have been waiting for this update for months… If there is no change I should take a new break.

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