White Label DD with Custom Web App

Hello There,

I’m hoping it maybe possible to white label the Drone Deploy software, to simply API call my maps (plans) into a custom web application. The system will simply display the map with the ability to add annotation.

The functionality to add annotation would not be provided by DD, but that of the web application. So, all annotation data will be held on a private database.

The ideal user experience; user loads map via web application, right clicks a pin-point on the map and selects desired dropdown option, then saves. Most of the functionally will be provided by the web application, but from my understanding to record the pin-point location, DD will need to send the lon/lat.

Looking at the API calls, I know it is possible to call in the maps, but not sure if DD provides lon/lat information.

Is this something someone may have experience with, or any words of wisdom!

Many Thanks,

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